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a little help with food, shelter, & utilities for people engaged in seeking curative treatment for a terminal illness

The ​Compassionate Foundation, Inc.

We have 73,000 plus stories from our work as Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation

Just a few remarks from those days...

Working as a social worker in any field, I know how challenging it can be to find resources for families in need. The Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation is such a valuable resource, as they are able to help so many of the families. So often, the assistance that is awarded contributes greatly to our patient quality of life and helps maintain many of these patients in their homes. I am extremely thankful to have access to such a wonderful resource to help meet the needs of our patients that cannot be met in their immediate community. 

Thank you Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation!

It's a relief to know an organization such as this is available to help at such a crucial time in one's life. Loretta K., MSW, NJ

Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation 
was able to take away the hardship we were facing and add dignity 
and value to my mother’s dying process…

The Camacho Family

Last summer a 93 year old woman sat in her apartment where the temperatures fluctuated between 90 and 100 degrees many days. She didn’t complain. She asked for nothing. As a medical social worker charged with the responsibility of helping those with little resources left, I contacted Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation. Many patients are near life's end and very uncomfortable. CCHF ensured an air conditioner would be delivered to her apartment. Her eyes lit up when the cool air made living less uncomfortable. She was so happy, so grateful. Simple things we all take for granted become special gifts to those who need a break at the time of their life when only days remain. God Bless them.

Steven K., MSW, NJ

"I am a Clinical Social Worker with Compassionate Care Hospice. I have the privilege of working in the Lakeland, FL office currently and previously worked in the Parsippany, NJ office. Not often when you give to a charity do you know exactly where it goes, one hopes it is given to whom it is promised. This is not the case with the Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation: I see with my own eyes where the money is going and hear the joy and gratitude in the voices of patients and their families. Just in the last month they have paid the rent for 3 of my struggling families. Summer is a very tough time in Florida with high electric bills, in the last 2 months 6 of my patients have had their electric bill paid when it was about to be turned off. The foundation has provided just in the last month 3 Walmart gift cards for food and 1 for school clothes for my families. When I worked in NJ a memorable moment was when a 29 year old AIDS patient had to move into his mothers home. The only room the hospital bed would fit in was not properly wired since the house was very old. The Foundation quickly wired the room so that this young patient could spend his last moments in his comfortable hospital bed. As the LCSW working with my families I get the hugs, tears thanks and blessing from the families for taking some of the financial pressure off during difficult times. Truly I am merely the messenger getting to work with a fabulous organization where I see weekly where our contributions go." Tonya F., LCSW

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