Compassionate Foundation of Delaware Partners
Compassionate Foundation of Delaware 
is grateful to our trusted referral sources, volunteers, sponsors and contributors.
If our list looks a bit light at the moment - please remember we are got started as a Delaware based group on April 1, 2019.
We no longer provide assistance to hospice patients but to those folks who are actively seeking curative treatment for their devastating diagnosis.
2004-2018 we were known as the award winning Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation - helping hospice patients in financial need in 24 states.  
74,000 people received more than $7.2 MM of support for food, shelter, utilities and comfort items when possible.
Board of Directors
Referral Partners
Thomas Hornung President & Co-Founder
Thomas Taylor 
Bobby Crusco 
Samantha Raftovich
Charlie Tomlinson, VP Business Development, Today Media

Michael Waite, 99.5, WJBR
Helen F. Graham
All Social Work and Physician Offices located in Delaware.

The Rosar Family 
Bob's Discount Furniture 
Incyte Foundation

Contact Us
Rozie Zappo Doe Executive Director

Brenda & Penny Zappo Invaluable

Brenda Zappo & Penny
Christiana High School 1976
Financial Gifts
Tom Hornung, BOARD President
Mt. Pleasant  High 1972
Jamie Bayless - volunteer
Alexis I DuPont High
Rozie Zappo Doe
Newark High 1972
Pay the rent,  keep the lights on, share a meal or provide transportation to life saving treatment for someone hoping for a cure.
Judith Grey, Co-Founder