a new Delaware Foundation beginning!

Committed to helping Delawareans who are actively engaged in curative treatment for a serious life limiting illness who may also be in need of a little financial help.

Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation
74,000 hospice patients in 24 states were helped with $7.4 million dollars 
of support because of your kindness.

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"Bringing people in need and people who can help together... 
so none of our Delaware neighbors has to face their greatest challenge alone."

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Give Here
We're two 
sister-in-laws making a 
Difference in Delaware along with our great friends, contributors and BOARD members!

​TODAY we helped with:
$500 BOB's Gift Card 
$100 Gift Card Food
$233.70 Delmarva Power 
$1,000 Rent 

2019 so far:
$5,020 Lifelines
$1,250 Mortgage
$6,441 Rent
$670 Telephone Bills
$2,736 Utilities
$3,500 Bob's Discount Furniture Cool Mattress'
$3,200 GIFT CARDS for 
Food/Pet Care