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Something wasn’t quite right so you went in for some testing and now you hear, 
“I’m sorry you have cancer or HIV or a thousand other life-limiting diagnosis.”  
Once you come to terms with the fact that you can’t un-do this, you know you have 
to re-write your life’s story - your way, your terms, and your decisions – first just; to get through this unconscionable moment in life. 
That’s where we are there to help one terrifying step at a time - we can pay your rent, buy you a tank of oil, keep the lights on at your place, provide food for you & the dog, and offer you a comfortable chair or new bed while you sort through the options. ​

2004-2019 previously known as: 
Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation
74,000 hospice patients in 24 states were helped with $7.3 million dollars 
of support because of your kindness.

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